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Dr. Paul Broman

Being the son of a chiropractor, I was introduced to chiropractic at a very young age. I lettered in four sports (hockey, soccer, football and golf) in high school.”

A Chiropractic Dynasty

Paul Broman

Dr. Paul Broman

Dr. Paul Broman is a 2015 graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University. He joined the practice in April 2015. He is additionally certified in Rock Taping, which is form of Kinesio Taping that serves to assist muscles perform better and heal faster. Dr. Paul Broman also specializes in the treatment of extremities including shoulders, elbows hips, knees and feet as he has participated in various seminars to learn the latest and most effective treatment protocols.

“While I was attending chiropractic college, I realized that too many people allow the course of their health to predetermined by the hard they have been dealt, whether it’s their genetics or previous injuries. I enjoy telling patients that once they get under chiropractic care, they’ve taken their health into their control!”

“My knowledge of the most up to date treatment protocols, nutrition and therapeutic exercise (stretching and strengthening) combined with chiropractic care provides the patient with the tools to sustain their desired level of health after we work together to achieve it.”

Dr. Paul Broman particularly enjoys treating sports injuries, athletes and weekend warriors, anyone that has the desire to attain a high level of health.

Spare Time Activities

“I am happily married to my wife Allie, who I met while attending Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, CA.”

Dr. Paul Broman still enjoys sports, especially playing hockey and golf.

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